Project Partners

Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation (ARoTT)

ARoTT is a professional, non-governmental and non-profit  organization of technological transfer and innovation.

ARoTT has 43 members (Universities, R&D Centres, TT Centres, Chamber of Commerce and Industry), 18 innovation projects, 24 cross-border and 5 formation projects. ARoTT implemented as partner or LP several projects which directly addressed to the entrepreneurship development on the Romanian-Bulgaria cross border area, projects financed under the CBC Programmes 2007-2013 or under National Program for Human Resource Development.

Previous EU financing experience:

1. European Regional Development Fund, RO-BG Ro-Bg CBC Programme 2007-2013, “Supporting cross-border cooperation in promoting the business environment and the identity of the region Dolj-Olt-Pleven-Vidin- Montana”, MIS code 32, ID: 1-3.1-10

2. European Regional Development Fund, RO-BG Ro-Bg CBC Programme 2007-2013, ” Green energy – a tool for prevnting clima changes and for encreasing economical and social wellness”, MIS code 65 / 1-2.1-7

3. European Regional Development Fund, RO-BG Ro-Bg CBC Programme 2007-2013 „Information centres Pleven – Craiova – Slatina, bridge between two countries” MIS code 630, ID :2-3.1-5

4. European Regional Development Fund, RO-BG Ro-Bg CBC Programme 2007-2013 “Cross border thematic tourism – opportunity for development and promotion of the identity region Dolj, Olt, Mehedinti, Vidin, Montana, Vraca, Pleven” MIS Code 663, ID: 1-3.1-

5. European Regional Development Fund, RO-BG Ro-Bg CBC Programme 2007-2013 “Wine way”, Project MIS ETC Code 199 /2(3i)-3.1-9

6. Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme – “Risk Management for Large Scale Infrastructures in the Romanian Bulgarian cross border area”

7. ERDF, Automotive Pole of Competitiveness South West Oltenia Region – “Cercetări în vederea implementării unui sistem de mentenanță avansată pentru industria automotive în scopul creșterii gradului de competitivitate” [Research for implementing an advanced maintainance system for increasing competitiveness in the automotive industry], SMIS Code: 50138.

Forever for Europe Association (FEA)

FEA is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organization. It was founded with the aim of supporting organizations, authorities and citizens in the EU integration process.

The main objectives of FEA are: Facilitating the access of citizens to information on all EU areas of activities; Assisting SMEs and other organizations and institutions in the preparation and implementation of projects; Stimulating partnerships and networks; Regional development through HR development and CVT; Developing entrepreneurial spirit in the region; Improve the quality of education.

FEA is a NGO with extensive experience in both the implementation of European projects (7 grant projects as beneficiary and 11 projects as partner) and in carrying activities on human resources development, social inclusion of people from disadvantaged categories and actions regarding the development of entrepreneurship in the region.

FEA is authorized as training provider for organizing trainings in entrepreneurial skills, computer skills, skills in English language and others (around 1,000 people trained) and accredited provider of psycho-pedagogical and vocational counseling, career guidance made individually or collectively (over 2,000 people benefited from counseling services).

FEA has experience in coordinating centers for business, it manages a center for entrepreneurship in Craiova, center established through Human Resource Development Operational Program, Major Domain of Intervention 3.1. (20 newly established companies).

Since 2008 we are hosting Europe Direct Craiova information center and, during this period, we had results such as: 26 printed publications (brochures, newsletters etc.) in over 10.000 copies, 26 workshops, 9 editions of Little EU Citizen (regional event organized on 9th of May each year), over 140 contributions to regional mass-media and many others.

Also, FEA holds great expertise in developing and managing partnerships with local, regional and transnational entities

Previous EU financing experience:

Project financed by EU Commission as the Decision C (2012) 4158 of 21/06/2012 on grants for financing host structures Europe Direct Information Centers in the EU for 2013-2017.

ESF, RO Operational Program Human Resources – PROFEM – Promotion of women in the labor market in the South-West Oltenia region

ESF, RO Operational Program Human Resources Development – TRAVAIL-The transition from school to active life in order to integrate on the labor the high school students from Dolj


BIC INNOBRIDGE has experience in organizing: Conferences on Business Innovations, Thematic fairs, trainings and workshops for start-ups and young entrepreneurs, aimed at building their capacity through enriching their competences. It has also provided Screening Meeting Methodology for identification of the entrepreneurs’ needs, and based on them the Center has organized consultations of the entrepreneurs with job-seekers in the fields of the needs identified.

BIC INNOBRIDGE spurred from the MIS ETC Code 629 project, with the main objective to contribute to the joint development of a sustainable socio-economic cross-border area and to build an integrated cross-border region. Therefore involving it in the project on CCIs will add value to synergies and the sustainability of results. In accordance with its human and ICT resources and acquired entrepreneurial expertise during the INNOBRIDGE project, in which the Center was established, the BIC will be able to provide information related to Romanian legislation to people interested in labor mobility in Romania. The staff of BIC INNOBRIDGE has the capacity to organize and host different types of events, related to CCIs in Bulgaria and Romania.

Previous EU financing experience:

1. Programme that awarded the financing: ERASMUS +, Project name: Green Entrepreneurs Europe, code 2015-1-UK01-KA201-013501

2. Programme that awarded the financing: Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria, Project name: Risk Management for Large Scale Infrastructures in the Romanian Bulgarian cross border area, Project code:

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