Training session in Olt county, 21-24 March 2018

Between 21 -24.03.2018 the training useful for those who wish to pursue an economic activity in the neighboring country, acting as entrepreneurs that intend to develop a private business in the creative and cultural industries, or for those who want to work in these areas as employees or as free-lancers was organized.

This event took place at”Sucidava” Guest House, Corabia, Olt in the project Improving the workforce mobility and employment in cultural and creative industries from the RO-BG cross-border area”project Code, ROBG187, financed by the Interreg V-A Romania Bulgaria Programme.

At the training session attended 26 persons interested in the creative and cultural industries. The main topics of the training were:

  • main stages of setting up a company in Bulgaria;
  • stages after the establishment of a firm, company registration as a VAT payer, profit tax;
  • types of commercial companies in Bulgaria;
  • tax legislation in Bulgaria and introductory aspects of the tax system in Bulgaria;
  • evolution of the fiscal system in Bulgaria;
  • structure of direct and indirect taxes;
  • particularities of taxes and duties in Bulgaria;
  • legislation on employment and social security in Bulgaria and the unemployment insurance, financial indemnity in case of unemployment;
  • indemnity for temporary incapacity for work;
  • maternity and childbirth allowance;
  • the right to family benefits and right to retirement.

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